Lulu L’amour is a blog I used to document my life starting in December 2015. I started off documenting my senior year of high school and the start of my college career. I wanted to inspire young and working women how to bring beauty into their every day lives. Since then, I have had women of all ages read my blog and ask me questions; whether it is skin care related or beauty tips and tricks. I have fallen in love with each and every one of my readers. You are all like a second family to me. Even if you just started following my blog or have been here since the beginning, I am so appreciative of your love and support. I can never truly express how much it means to me!

This blog started off as a place I would document all of my favorite things beauty and fashion related as a hobby. Soon, many big brand companies and magazine publications realized a country girl from a small town in Ohio drove traffic to sites, and sales with every single post.

Since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to open a boutique. I am so excited to have my own collection that you can shop here!

I am a blogger turned business women and I am so grateful to have my blog turned into a full time business. I’m a  third generation real estate agent licensed in Ohio. Many realized that this young girl was not only helping real estate agents take their business to the next level with her online courses, but also other bloggers, and major retailers.

Xoxo- Liv

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use extensions or is that your real hair? Yes, it’s all real! I’ve gotten to be a pro at doing my hair since competing in pageants. I will provide a tutorial soon!

Do you like everything you post about? Absolutely! Actually, I ONLY post things I love on my blog. If I don’t like something, I not only will not review it; but if it was sent to me, I will send it back! No sense, of sugar coating things!

What made you start a blog? I’ve had a love for all things fashion and makeup since I was very young. I was always asked what makeup I use, and where I got my outfits/ inspirations from. My friends would even ask me to do their hair and makeup in junior high and high school.

What is your current beauty obsession? Ugh I have so many! But, if I had to pick I would say my new BH Cosmetics 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette. It’s seriously amazing!

Where did you get your blog name from? I have always loved the name Lulu. My nickname from when I was very young was “Livvy Lou.” So Lulu has always stuck with me. Secondly, I think that you should spread LOVE every where you go. Love in french is L’amour. I thought it was the perfect fit!

How tall are you? I am 5’8″

Where did you go to school? Currently, I am attending the University of Toledo and majoring in Communications with a minor in marketing.

What is your dream job? To be an entertainment news host. AKA the next Nancy O’Dell.

Do you have a specific workout regimen? Not currently, but I am working on it! I seriously have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. I have to eat something sweet every day. If you have any guilt free recipes please send them my way!

Do you have a makeup tutorial? I have a lot of step-by-step makeup tutorials on my YouTube Channel, but currently not my everyday makeup look. I will get one up soon!

How many pageants have you competed in?  I have only competed for four years now and have been a semi-finalist (Top 15) at Miss Ohio Teen USA 2013-2016. In March 2016, I placed 1st Runner-Up at Miss Teen Ohio International. I have also placed 1st-runner, Miss Congeniality, and Miss Photogenic in my pageant career.