Long Lasting Lipstick

Finding lipsticks that last ALL DAY without having to re-apply is nearly impossible… I’ve tried so many but always find myself touching it up throughout the day. The thing I love the most about this lipstick is that you have that sharp line all day so it looks like you JUST applied your lipstick.

LipSense has a variety of colors to choose from. The first color I tried was “Fire N Ice” and the Gloss in “Glossy.”  While doing research for this blog post I realized I actually applied the lipstick wrong in the video! Who knew there was a right or wrong way to apply lipstick?! Good thing it still worked for me!

How to Apply LipSense

STEP 1.  You MUST have clean, healthy, and DRY lips. You can’t have chapstick or any foundation on your lips or the lipstick wont stick. **This is optional but I like to exfoliate my lips with sugar and a honey mixture to ensure there isn’t any dead skin on my lips.**

STEP 2. Shake the tube of color.

STEP 3. With applicator, start with top lip (cupids bow) and draw to corner of lips.

STEP 4. Repeat on bottom lip starting with the outline of the lips.

STEP 5. Fill entire lips in with color. If needed, you can add more color.

STEP 6. Let dry completely before adding another layer!

STEP 7. Repeat with second & third coat of lipstick in one swipe across top and bottom lip AND drying in between.

STEP 8. When completely dry, add gloss to seal the deal!

STEP 9. You may need to apply another coat of gloss throughout the day.

Most Popular LipSense Color

I have heard so much about the Bombshell lipstick! It is a nude color so it goes with many people’s skin tone. Here is a list of the best sellers.

Nudes: Bombshell, Caramel Apple

Pinks: Aussie Rose, Sheer Pink

Reds: Fire N Ice, Plumeria

Plums: Sheer Berry, Sangria


LipSense Matte Gloss

If you are a LipSense lover and already knows how it works I know you would like the Matte Gloss. I tried it and loved it! If you are more of a moisturize girl you would not like this one…you would be better off using Glossy Gloss. The matte color is great for darker colors you don’t want to look glossy if that makes sense LOL but it still seals the color in all day!


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