Back to School

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Happy Monday! I can’t believe this summer is almost over! Not really sure I how feel about it… Although, I’m excited to be starting college next week, and seeing all the fall clothes arriving makes me really ecstatic! I am going to miss the late summer nights, having bonfires with friends, listening to country music, making smores on the campfire with family, to camping and pulling all nighters. I made memories that will last forever thanks to my best friends! I got pretty lucky and I am so excited to take on this next adventure with them!

Here are a few things you can’t live without this school year. Whether you’re dorming, commuting, or living in a house with friends- I highly recommend these! Everything ranging from a planner to a 17 month calendar to keep track of assignments, and weekly plans. To, a pair of fall heels, a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, one of the best mascarashair perfume, or even this adorable dress…who would’ve known?! If you’re on a tight budget these things you can share through out the school year and stock up to share with your roomies! With these you will be the most stylish and everyone will be wanting to invade your closet and makeup room! Here are some more of my favorites below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful first couple of days back to school and I hope this year is the best yet! I will keep everyone posted on my college experience as being a freshman, I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me! Thank you everyone for the support! Love always…Xoxo, Liv
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