Last Friday, I had THE most amazing facial ever at Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee, OH. I had a luxury facial in addition to a deep pore cleansing mask.

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I love pampering myself and get facials a couple times a year. I am very familiar with them and the process. For those of you who have never gotten a facial done before or don’t know the benefits- I am here to tell you about the whole process!


The Facts: I did not realize how important it is for your skin to get a facial on a regular basis. Typically, you should get a facial once a month. When you get a facial the entire first layer of skin (usually all dead skin) is removed in the process. This does leave your face sensitive at times but it is so good for rejunivating your skin cells and speeding up the process of skin cell turn around.


The Process:

During a facial, they will start off with a skin assessment by asking some questions about your skin to determine your skin type and what products they think will work best on your skin.

Next, they will remove all your makeup to make sure you have a fresh, clean face to work with so you don’t get anything deep in your pores during the process.


A cleanser is used to make sure your face is extra clean and then this will start the process. Typically two different cleansers will be used. If you have dry skin then the first cleanser will be hydrating while the second will be anti-aging.

Next, is opening your pores. This is important to get the deep clean you will need during the facial. Steam and warm towels are used to open the pores and help extract any dirt or residue. It makes the next steps much easier.

I had NO idea that a side effect of anti-aging is an acne controller! WOW! I wish I would’ve started using anti-aging products awhile ago…they have so many benefits!

Next, another skin assessment is done under the magnifying lamp to check skin for any suspicious breakouts, black heads, white heads, etc. After that, usually you will have to get extractions done to clear up the skin a little more. I will be honest if you have a very low pain tolerance this will sting and maybe hurt a bit. Or, if you are looking for a more relaxing facial then just simply skip this step! Extractions are GREAT for minimizing pores as it cleans up what is clogging the pores creating blackheads, white heads, etc.

Exfoliating the skin is next and is usually used by a Clarisonic Brush. This gets rid of dead skin and promotes new skin turn over regeneration. Always exfoliate face, neck, and chest to get the new glowy skin look since that is what everyone sees!

Massage is very important as it stimulates oxygen to the skin which promotes that beautiful healthy glow!


Hydration is typically used next to allow the skin to literally breathe after this process. Your skin at this point is already feeling so amazing and clear.

Finally, ending products are used to close up the pores and give your new, fresh skin protection. Usually a moisturizer with sunscreen is used along with other serums. It will just depend what product line your esthetician prefers to use and your skin type!


My Experience:

My esthetician is Chastity from Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee, OH. I’ve had probably 10 facials in my life and only being 17 I would say is a pretty large number. She was SO personal, and you could tell she absolutely LOVES her job! Here are some pictures during the facial to show you some things that are done behind the scenes!

IMG_4424 IMG_4475

I have had facial in 5-Star Hotels and Resorts and I’m not kidding you this facial did NOT even compare! It was so much better! Not only did the products smell wonderful, they made my skin feel great. It was so easy to relax and take in the entire experience. The spa experience! Chastity did an entire upper body massage too! She told me that every time she travels she too will get a facial. Whether she is out of the country or state she will get one. She said that she compares how they do facials compared to how they were taught in school which is so interesting to me because I thought everyone was taught the same?! I guess not! Wonder why this facial was top of the line, because she has learned techniques from ALL over the world!


The Products:

During my skin assessment I told her that my face is oily in the summer and dry in the winter and spring. She decided to use all hydrating products on me. So, it might be a little different if you were to get one based on your skin type!

Image Skin Care Line:


  1. Vital C Cleanse- just because the skin can be oily it sill me be dehydrated. (Smelled AMAZING- like oranges!)
  2. Ageless Cleanser- Hydrates dehydrated skin
  3. Vital C Mask- Hydrates ALL 7 layers of the skin! Mask has enzymes that clean everything out deeply
  4. Prevention Sunscreen Lotion
  5. Vital C Eye Lift Serum
  6. Ormedic Lip Serum
  7. Vital C LotionIMG_4468IMG_4469

This will definitely be a monthly reoccurrence for me! I love the way my skin feels, and knowing I’m starting such a rewarding skin care routine at such a young age. I’m so glad to have met Chastity and the Serenity staff!


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