Happy Tuesday! Wow I can’t believe how fast this weekend went, but my family and I enjoyed getting all of our holiday decorations up! We love this time of the year. Today on the blog, I am sharing this simple black sweater dress from Dress Lily.  However, I decided to wear this dress as a long sweater with jeans. I personally love big, over-sized sweaters so this is perfect! You could wear this as a dress too, but where I live it’s starting to get really cold out so I would need to wear leggings or tights of some sort if I was wearing it as a dress. I definitely would wear as a dress for going out, or to a nice dinner. But, personally, I love it as a long sweater so much more! Dress Lily has a ton of great sales going on! This sweater is the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

Brought to you by Dress Lily.