Senior Pictures

Looking for the perfect photographer to take pictures can be very time consuming, and expensive. Every girl wants a photographer that will make her shoot fun, unique, and affordable. All that together is A LOT to ask for believe me. I can’t tell you how many photographers I see have all their seniors pose a […]

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Business Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday everyone! As a woman we know that it isn’t always ideal to dress up in the same colored black pants and solid colored shirt to work everyday. At times, it can get very repetitive, and don’t you always want to feel your best at work? That is where you spend a majority of your time. […]

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Meet the Beauty Behind Lady Code

Is it possible to be both the beauty and the brains? Yes! Lisa Opie, the founder of The Lady Code Blog is THE perfect example. At a very young age, Lisa is the founder of a beauty, health, fitness, and women empowerment blog. Not to mention, she is also a co-founder of popular swimwear company. Also, […]

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