Holiday Red

  Happy Holidays! Today, I am so excited to release my Holiday Date Night Commercial! A huge thank you to Mood Matcher and IFlight Aerial Imaging! In the video, my favorite red lipstick from Mood Matcher is being featured. This is the 12 hour long lasting, fade proof, kiss proof, and smudge proof lipstick. The best red lipstick I own! It literally […]

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Sparkling Hibiscus Tea

Today, I am sharing my new favorite sparkling (non-alcoholic of course) drink. I had this over the fourth and fell in love! It was so refreshing and super easy to make! I highly recommend for summer cookouts, graduation parties, or if you’re having friends over. This is a sparkling Hibiscus Ice Tea. If you like […]

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Meet the Beauty Behind Lady Code

Is it possible to be both the beauty and the brains? Yes! Lisa Opie, the founder of The Lady Code Blog is THE perfect example. At a very young age, Lisa is the founder of a beauty, health, fitness, and women empowerment blog. Not to mention, she is also a co-founder of popular swimwear company. Also, […]

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