We’ve all heard of this new makeup trend called contouring, right? We’ve seen many celebrities look completely reformed whether it looks like they’ve had a nose job, lip injections, higher cheekbones, and even look 20 pounds thiner! How can this possibly happen? Well, that is the magic of contouring my loves! And believe me when I say this…I’ve seen all of the above! Look at the transformation below!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.40.21 PM

Contouring Tips and Products

As you can see there is a more defined jawline, thinner nose, higher cheekbones, thinner all around face, higher brows, etc.

I’ve used many kits when contouring my face and you may want to know which are my favorites!

Splurge: Anastasia Cream Contour Kit 

Save: Younique Cream and Powder Contour Kit


I’ve used both of these kits, but the one pictured is the Younique Cream Contour Kit. I love the pigment in these colors. It goes great with my skin tones and even goes on really smooth. I topped this look with the Smashbox Cosmetics Powder Contour Kit just to add the finishing touches to make sure the contour and highlight stayed in place. This look was for Miss USA Finals in early June. It was in Vegas and was on average 110 degrees so I wanted to make sure this makeup wasn’t going anywhere!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.40.40 PM

The video below is my current step-by-step contouring routine:


In the video above, I am using the Younique Cream Contour Kit in Light. As well as the Smashbox Cosmetics Highlight and Contour Powder Kit.