Laying your bracelets can make a statement with your outfits whether you are going for a more simple and sophisticated look or more dramatic. It can get tricky at times but balance is key. First off, I love mixing the different color of metals together. In this look, I have rose gold with an accent of gold bracelets.  You want to start off having a focal point which in this case is the Michael Kors watch. It’s embedded with diamonds so I decided I to put other bracelets together I thought would enhance this look.  I completed todays look with a gold accent bangle to not make it too coordinated. You can make this look as simple or gaudy as you want. This look should be eye-catching and effortless. You can click below to see here you can get this look from:


Layering Bracelet


| Watch: Michael Kors | Simple Bracelet: Kate Spade | Diamond Bracelet: Charming Charlie’s                ( similar style here) | Gold Bracelet: similar style here |