Mood Matcher Green Lipstick




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Who would’ve thought Green lipstick would be the latest trend? Right?! I thought it was a crazy idea too! If you watch my latest youtube video, you will see it’s not green when applied! However, this is hands down the best lipstick I’ve ever used! Other women would agree too. Considering, it was featured in People Magazine!

The Mood Matcher lipstick is 12 hour long-lasting lipstick is hydrating, and is kiss proof, fade proof, and smudge proof! It literally isn’t going anywhere. I recently did makeup for a bridal party and half of the bridesmaids ordered this lipstick after the wedding. They said even after the entire wedding day and when they went home it was still on, and super vibrant still! My favorite part is that it is hydrating considering I do not like when my lips are dry. For a night out I use the Lip Plumper to give my lips a more “fuller” effect and so they look more pouty. For a more glossier look, I will add the Mood Gloss which lasts up to 5 hours! The best part is…the lipstick with all the rave is only $4! A drugstore can’t even beat that…check out my Youtube video below! Or my latest post about Mood Matcher Lipsticks!

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