Today on the blog, I am sharing my secret to my skin care regime. Having healthy, glowing, skin comes with lots of hydration, and the right techniques.

First, you need to drink plenty of water to get the results you want and to keep your body functioning properly. Twice a week, I exfoliate my skin using a DIY Body Scrub, I am going to post on the blog next week which recipe I like the best. You can use any exfoliator on your skin that’s delicate enough. You know your skin better than anyone so chose a routine that fits you. The next most important step is MOISTURIZING. I’ve been using my retinol skin care body lotion for about three weeks now. The results are impressive. I always battle dry hands, feet and legs. But honestly, I think everyone’s really common. If not, you’re lucky.

Check out below, how my skin has felt since using the lotion! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.44.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.45.24 PM

Since using this body lotion, my skin feels great! The lotion has Mango Butter, a key ingredient to the amazing silky feel, and a key step in the renewal process. It leaves no residue, so you can apply it anytime during the day. My skin isn’t delicate or sensitive. I love how it feels so much, so I put it on my face every night. It has many benefits too! The lotion has retinol in it which prevents wrinkles which as you know is very important. Even from a young age, having a routine with anti-aging products is crucial. The lotion is firming, enriched with Vitamin and Botanical moisturizers to help restore smooth, soft and younger looking skin. My skin honestly hasn’t felt better!


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