How to use Clip In Extensions Demo and Review

clip-in extensions

How to use clip in extensions You may see a lot of women use extensions and you may never even know they’re wearing them! The best ones, you won’t even be able to tell you have them in. That’s why I use clip in extensions. They are the easiest extensions you can use to get […]

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Updated Foundation Routine

Best Foundation for all skin types

Updated Foundation Routine My go-to summertime foundation routine achieves a dreamy, glowy, and fresh face. Using my tips and tricks with Younique makeup you can achieve the same look! I personally love using a lighter foundation in the summer and showing more of my freckles, which in the winter I always cover up! Check out […]

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Ways to relieve stress

a girl using essential oils to relax

Ways to relieve stress Do you ever wonder when you’re going to catch a break? Well I’m here to tell you unfortunately that time is few and far between. We are faced with stress everyday of our lives but the way we handle it allows how much impact it has on us. Things are always […]

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