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Happy Friday! Today, I am taking you on a tour of the NEW Serenity Health & Wellness Center in Perrysburg, OH. This location is more skin care driven, and more in-depth. So, you will find products here that you may not find in Maumee. I personally love skin care so this location is my favorite! I was so impressed with the list of services and products they carry.

A week ago, I had a Thermal Water Facial click here to see the review and my new favorite products from the facial! I needed a spa day considering how stressed and busy I have been! Thank goodness for Serenity Spa for allowing this to happen and have a stress-free, and relaxing day before I went to college this past week!

The Perrysburg location had a full Jane Iredale makeup room for makeovers and lessons. It’s perfect to get ready for a wedding, prom, or special occasion with friends! It’s big enough for a couple of your close friends! They have an incredible couples massage room, and a couple other massage rooms for facials or massages. My favorite part is the sitting room with the SPA music, mint water, oversized couches, and a massive selection of my favorite skin care lines! FARMHOUSE FRESH has the best face masks including One Fine Day, Sundae Best Chocolate, and Coconut Beach to name a few. If you’re looking for a SPA night at home I highly suggest getting a couple different masks. My favorite, is the chocolate mask; I could almost eat it!! They also have other great ones including the Pudding, Pajama, and Honey which are my other favorites.

If you check my latest post, you will see how obsessed I am with the AVENE Products. I am so glad I tried them during my facial! My skin honestly has never felt better. The GLYTONE Products were very concentrated and smelled great too! That was my first time using the Glytone Products and I really liked them too!

The last room, was occupied with a patient getting treatments so I unfortunately couldn’t take a picture of it but other than the makeup room, this is my second favorite room! They do chemical peels and other extensive treatments in that room. I loved the new location and you should check it out for all your skin care needs! Next time, I will do a virtual tour for everyone! Stay tuned, but in the mean time stop in and check out their extensive line of skin care products! Check out my favorite face masks from FARMHOUSE FRESH here:


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