BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics BH Cosmetics 99 Color Eyeshadow Palette Happy Friday! Today I am sharing my new go-to makeup palette from BH Cosmetics! I am in love with the 99 color eyeshadow palette with all the different color options. It makes it perfect to use for any look you’re looking for! The colors are pigmented and […]

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Contouring Your Face

Before and After Contour

Contouring We’ve all heard of this new makeup trend called contouring, right? We’ve seen many celebrities look completely reformed whether it looks like they’ve had a nose job, lip injections, higher cheekbones, and even look 20 pounds thiner! How can this possibly happen? Well, that is the magic of contouring my loves! And believe me […]

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