How to use clip in extensions

You may see a lot of women use extensions and you may never even know they’re wearing them! The best ones, you won’t even be able to tell you have them in. That’s why I use clip in extensions. They are the easiest extensions you can use to get longer, thicker, and fuller hair. Unlike other extensions you can add or take out your extensions whenever you want. Some extensions that are permanent can actually damage your hair more.

 Wavy Extensions in Chocolate Copper 23″ 

The best clip in extensions

Finding the “best” extensions requires some research. I’ve found HairDo Extensions are one of the best brands I’ve come across. They have so many colors of hair you can choose from with a ton of different varieties of extensions. Finding the right color, length, and style for you can make a huge difference. The extensions that look the best on me, may not be the best ones for your hair.

How to care for clip in extensions

Just like normal hair, you do need to care for your extensions. The easiest way to care for synthetic extensions is to tangle/ detangle with your fingers is possible. If you have used a lot of products than you can add a tablespoon of shampoo to the extensions, wash gently with luke-warm water, and blot dry with a towel. You can style synthetic hair just like any other hair. You can add heat!