Ways to relieve stress

a girl using essential oils to relax

Ways to relieve stress Do you ever wonder when you’re going to catch a break? Well I’m here to tell you unfortunately that time is few and far between. We are faced with stress everyday of our lives but the way we handle it allows how much impact it has on us. Things are always […]

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Morphe Brushes

Eyeshadow Brushes

Morphe Brushes Morphe Eyeshadow Brushes When finding good foundation and eyeshadow brushes that are well worth the investment can be very challenging. Most inexpensive brushes lead you to using more product to even show results. I was waiting to make the investment with Morphe because I was afraid it would have the same results. I was […]

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My Picks for Best Fashion Bloggers

Emily Gemma

Best Fashion Bloggers Here is a list of my favorite fashion bloggers so you can follow them too! I love seeing posts from bloggers around the county. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s trending! Rachel Parcell Pink Peonies Pink Peonies Emily Gemma Sweetest Thing Sweetest Thing Olivia Rink Olivia Rink Christine Andrew […]

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