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Happy Sunday! Today I am sharing my new everyday scent by Sarah Jessica Parker! Funny story…there was a girl that walked past me last week and smelled so good and I asked what she was wearing and she said Sarah Jessica Parker. A week later, they reached out to me to do a review on their new fragrance, “Stash Unspoken.” Sure enough, this was the same one and I forgot it was SJP Beauty! This fragrance smells amazing from all the sandalwood, pink peppercorn, and peony undertones.  I think is the perfect combination for a feminine and flirty scent. The product has already been launched and you can get it at Ulta! Finding your fragrance can be so hard. There are so many different scents, but I can tell you I think this is one of the best scents for anyone! You will be seeing this come up again soon in my Valentine’s Must-Haves!

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