Spring Makeup Tips

During the Spring and Summer months many women don’t realize that you should not be using the same makeup that you are using for the winter months. Spring and Summer makeup looks should be soft, bright, flirty and effortless looking. It is ALWAYS a good idea to invest in good makeup, especially moisturizers. Not only does it help prevent wrinkles and sun damage but it will keep your skin looking young and fresh.

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Top 5 Beauty Tips for Spring:

Lightweight Foundations

Tip #1: Do NOT wear heavy foundations, nothing is worse than seeing cakey makeup or watching it sweat off in public! YUCK! Instead chose a lightweight coverup or a BB Cream. It’s super light weight and breathable. To see my favorite BB Cream click here or another lightweight foundation here.

Matte Colored Eyeshadows

Tip #2: Use matte colored eyeshadows preferably bright colors such as purples, light pinks, or greens. Stay away from the dark fall colors like reds, and dark browns. You want to look as natural and fresh faced as possible. And have your makeup effortless and lightweight looking. {My favorite palette is here but a less expensive version here}

Eyeshadows with Shimmer

Tip #3: Stay away from eyeshadows that have a lot of shimmer on them. If you like this look more than the matte eyeshadow look, then just use the shimmer as a brow bone highlighter to enhance your eyes shape and look. This is my ultimate favorite eyeshadow palette here .


Tip #4: HYDRATE! Nothing is worse than flaky, dry skin! Always choose a moisturizer that has at least 15 SPF in it. This will help prevent wrinkles and sun damage. {Click here or less expensive version here }


Tip #5: Last, to add the finishing touches use a light shade of lipstick to finish the look. Dry, cracked lips are not very attractive either so be sure to hydrate and exfoliate lips on a regular basis. {To watch how to use a lip exfoliator click here} Or both here and here for a tinted lip treatment.

If you have any other beauty tips you think I should check out feel free to comment below! Also, check out my latest Top 5 Favorite Items for Spring!

Thank you! I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

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