On Friday, I went to Serenity Health and Wellness Center’s NEW location in Perrysburg! I love their new location and took a few pictures so you could see what it looks like. This location is more in-depth with skin care and you can choose from many different skin care lines. I will post all about their new location with pictures later this week! About a month ago I got a normal facial which was amazing you can check out The Truth About Facials before we get started!


During my facial which like I said in the latest post is so important to maintain healthy and nourished skin! The difference between this facial and the one about a month ago is the thermal water! And if you’re like me you’re probably saying what is that? Well, this the latest trend in Europe and is slowing making it’s way to the U.S! The brand is called Avene. I am currently using the Avene Thermal Spring Water and these products were used during my facial.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.45.52 PM

In 2014, Avene got the #1 Skin Care Brand in Europe and it’s revolutionizing the skin care industry. It helps with people battling with psoriasis, eczema, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, skin recovery, and so much more! It is proven that people that have used medicated problems to treat these common symptoms are choosing this brand over the medication! It clears faster, and is less invasive, comfortable and sensitive to the skin.


It left my skin feeling so great and refreshed. Deriving straight from the Moutains in France, porous rock helps to filtrate the water making it a key substance in Avene’s successes! I have been using the Thermal Spring Water Misting Spray and love it! You can use it anytime of the day, anywhere, before your makeup, or after. Literally anytime! The results are great and I’m in love with their products! I know in the next year or two the U.S. and estheticians all over will be using their products because of the benefits and everyone loves it! It keeps your skin feeling the best it ever has. They have many different products you can chose to use from and are really affordable! I highly recommend any of their products to anyone! Serenity Health & Wellness Center in Perrysburg has an exclusive line of products from Avene!

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